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Cue the Trumpets + Eavesdropping

Welcome to…


… a brand new, hopefully frequent column about the secrets of the Disney underworld. Stay tuned for the juiciest tidbits about those fantasy figures making the headlines today.


Now that those pesky trolls have gotten their wish (disappear! disappear!) there are a few better dressed and mostly better looking ladies who aren’t too enthused about those new sisters relocating to the land of fantasy and strollers. Is there an uprising on the horizon? Is one of the classic leading ladies on the way to the unemployment line (without FP+) to make way for this darling duo? Word advice to the newbies: the hair is the first to go. Beware of gum.


Talk about blowing fuses. A certain gentleman no stranger to the rat race and a good rumpus room seems to have had trouble keeping a leash on his youngest. (No, not Rover.) Seems someone was a little irked over the golden celebrations for the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Tired of being ignored, he took matters into his own hands. So if you found yourself stuck behind a few boats, listening over and over again to the world’s “favorite” theme park tune, you know who to thank.


Who do they think they are? Those miners have tangled with the wrong man. Not long after finally getting his own digs (he doesn’t even care that he didn’t get that girl) he’s going to have to start sharing with SEVEN other men. He needs room to flex his muscles, mousse his hair, check out the ladies – and now what… already a big mountain and new trees are blocking his views and worst of all – no one can tell him the exact time of when this is all beginning. How can he plan his secret attack when everything’s still a secret?


Who will make the next ALL’S FAIRE column? You never know…

If you have your own story to leak, be sure to contact @happyplaceblog. I’m really good at keeping secrets…

Until next time…

Muppet Monday: Many Moose Games

It’s Monday, friends, and someone is playing a trick on Kermit. Except I’m not exactly sure who (moo?) it is.

A moose with a very familiar name and a John Wayne accent makes several cameo appearances in this Season 2 episode of The Muppet Show. Kermit is in charge of the thing and he doesn’t even know who the guy is. WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS THIS? The crazy kind, that’s what. I love that Kermit is suitably worked up by this interruption and even more so, later on, when the joke drops.

These days, we don’t see Kermit get irritated as much. Or make that kind of face. Has he grown up? Has he softened with age? Is it just because he’s no longer in charge of the most “hold on to your hats you never know what to expect” show in the universe? It’s possible.

Gags like this make me want a weekly variety show back in my television lineup. (Okay, this is not the only reason I want to see the Muppets on a weekly basis but you know what I mean.) It’s not even meant to be a momentous occasion, but you remember it anyway. (Perhaps it’s also ironic in this particular situation because Jim Henson was years from moving forward with selling the Muppets to The Disney Company; for now, maybe this was a way to spread the love — in the comical way he knew how to.)

So here’s to cowboys, mice, and a few cute jokes! Have a great week!

BethApril 21, 2014 - 4:41 pm

Really cute clips, so clever and obviously sly. I always look for those moments when Kermit loses it – a type of rage mode as my kids would say – he is often pushed to that point by Miss Piggy, and I think such a moment happened in Muppets Most Wanted (?). Yeah, maybe he has become a bit more restrained with his emotions over the years. Fun post!

The Quietly Epic Side of Animal Kingdom

In January, James and I were most looking forward to spending an entire day in Animal Kingdom. The park was open until 8; we had nowhere else we had to be and it was going to be awesome.

(It was especially awesome when Amanda from Nerds in Wonderland caught up with us; it was not especially awesome when she got stung by a bee. This is REAL nature, people!)

About midday, the three of us took a leisurely break at the new Dawa Bar, listening to the sounds of Burudika in Harambe. (I love live music!) Two safari amber ales later, we decided to catch the last bit of light in the park and walk toward Asia. But, being us, we got a little sidetracked. There’s a lush, tree-filled walk to Asia with amazing views of the Tree of Life and, almost directly between the two lands, a few steps leading to a landing with chairs and tables and one of the most remarkable views of the center of the park.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom January 2014

It was early evening so the park was getting quieter but even so, the three of us had the landing to ourselves. Snapping pictures and sipping our drinks, I remember thinking how amazing it was — to be in this lovely spot with two lovely people in the middle of a theme park and feel completely peaceful. I’m sure “peaceful” isn’t a word a lot of people use when they visit theme parks and maybe that’s because when they don’t visit as much as repeat guests do, they don’t stumble upon these still moments. But they exist.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom on the official map

So the next time you need to regroup and remember that you are on vacation — away from the stresses and monotony of every day life — I suggest you find this secluded nook. A little peace and quiet, and some of the best photo opportunities in the park. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom January 2014 - 2

A Wild Animal Kingdom Inspired Shopping Guide

It’s been MONTHS and MONTHS since I’ve brought you a shopping guide and I can’t leave you stranded — especially when shopping is concerned. So because of THP’s Animal Kingdom Appreciation month, I thought it would be the perfect time to work on one of these again.

Here’s a little collection of some items that may be perfect for your next trip, give you that DAK feeling at home, or lead you toward that gold-star gift for the Animal Kingdom enthusiast in your life!

Enjoy (and happy shopping!)

Animal Kingdom Inspired Shopping Guide

I Dig It Necklace (Modcloth, $11) You certainly can’t go diggin in Dinoland without it.

Gazelle Zipped Pouch (Saturday, $30) There’s a nice variety of Gazelle merchandise at Kate Spade Saturday’s store + I am in love with it all. If you aren’t in the market for a pouch, there’s a scarf, an iPod case, and even shorts!

Giraffe Wall Hook (Anthropologie, $38.00) Oh my gosh. If you are like my parents and have an Animal Kingdom themed bathroom (true story), this is a total must. There’s also an elephant option!

My Neck of the Woods T-shirt (Modcloth, $24.99) A giraffe wearing a safari hat? I don’t think this shirt could be any more perfect.

Ellie Creamer (Anthropologie, $16) A must for my table, your table, and your friend’s table, right? I’m squealing over the cuteness!

Animal Placemats (Anthropologie, $12.99) Keep the kids (and  maybe the big kids) busy with these yet-to-be colored placemats. I’m a huge fan of Eric Carle’s work so this looks like a great buy. (Brown Bear Brown Bear was the first book I could read outloud!)

In the Wildlife Flats (Modcloth, $60) Not sure how comfortable these would be for the parks, but I’d love to wear them for a fancy dinner at the Lodge. Aren’t they adorable?

Pack Rack (Paper Source, $24) Quite possibly the cutest way to hang your keys or your jewelry. It also reminds me of decor in Chester and Hester’s gift shop.

Have you scouted out any fun Animal Kingdom-esque items in stores lately? Be sure to share below!
You can’t keep good shopping to yourself!

Becky @ Disney in your DayApril 15, 2014 - 2:40 pm

Tag! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Check it out here:

[…] friend Estelle at This Happy Place Blog is an enabler. A shopping enabler. Check out her super cute Animal Kingdom inspired shopping […]

Muppet Monday: Food for Song

Did you have a good weekend?

We had warm weather, good books to read, and yummy dessert to eat (apple turnovers with ice cream!). If you are a dessert fiend like me, you know how a delectable, awe-inspiring snack would make you sing a song or put you into a coma. One or the other. Great snacks (cupcakes, Krispy Kremes) were mentioned in my favorite song from Muppets Most Wanted — “I’ll Get You What You Want.” Who can say no to a frog that will give you a unicorn, a satin pillow, AND a little cupcake? Um, hello. He is a prize! He is a gem! And outside of the scene in the movie, fill in the blank with anything you want FRO YO, APPLE PIE, ANOTHER MUPPET MOVIE and the song is just about perfect for every day listening!


Let’s talk about Dr. Teeth. This cool dude and the Electric Mayhem Band need more to do in the next Muppet venture whether it be movie, TV film, or variety show. I need more of their jams! More of their passion because they are freaking great to listen to. And like me, Dr. Teeth likes his dessert. Like any musician, he uses this kind of inspiration in his music. Here’s a product of that. A song about cheesecake from Season Two of The Muppet Show:

Food (like Beaker) is just never safe with these Muppets. AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM?

Here’s hoping you have a sugar rush to kick off your week! Happy Muppet Monday!