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Muppets in Movies | Muppet Monday

Greetings, friends! Last weeks, the Muppets and I observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day but we’re back in action today with another post about MuppetVision at Hollywood Studios. I’m actually nervous to see how many times I’ve written about this attraction on the blog — it’s a big number, I’m sure — but I can’t help it if there is always something “new to me” to share.

Back in November, when I was hanging out for Wine & Dine weekend with some friends, there were lines for MuppetVision. Seeing this always makes me silently clap because a) people love the Muppets! b) maybe they are reading this blog and love the Muppets even more, and then a tiny voice reminds me that it’s probably because of MyMagic+. Whichever the reason, it’s nice to see my guys getting the love they deserve. It also means I get to stand in line and hopefully find something new to take a picture of.

What can I say. Miracles happen.

Around the side of the theater, I was the annoying person holding up the line to take these following pictures. A few weeks ago, I discussed the wonderfulness of Muppets and parodies — something they have been executing since their early years and it’s very nice to see this tradition folded into the details at MuppetVision in Florida. (I only wish there was a simpler way to spot them!)

Aren’t these movie posters fun? I was squealing before I even got into the show!

Here are two other bonus discoveries from that day too:

It Called From Outer Space MuppetVision Muppet Parody PosterPirates of the Amphibian Muppets Parody Posters MuppetVisionThe Bride of Froggen Schwein MuppetVision Muppet Parody Poster

MuppetVision Eye Details Walt Disney World

They are watching… always watching.

MuppetVision Sweeper Detail Walt Disney World

How adorable is this? James said we need to get one for our house. (We don’t even have a broom so this might be a worth while investment. Hey Disney, are you listening?

And that does it for another version of Did you see THIS at MuppetVision? It’s certainly best to keep your eyes peeled around these parts.

Happy Muppet Monday!

A Stop in Adventurers Outpost

Sometimes I just get the urge to meet characters. (I never thought I would be a person who said this.) In the middle of a solo Animal Kingdom trip in November, I stopped in to say hello to my Up friends and wondered: “Did Mickey and Minnie have their holiday sweaters on yet?” Your mind does weird things when you’re in Disney World… what can I say?

I asked a nearby cast member that exact question, and she did not look at me weird. Nope. She pointed me in the direction of the Adventurers Outpost (one of the only places I couldn’t recall from memory) and off I went, to see Mickey and Minnie in their little home at Animal Kingdom. Decor matters so much more when you are touring alone. I didn’t want to pick up my book in a shorter line (I had done this earlier when waiting for the Safari) so I was happy to see that Disney kept me entertained with some glimpses into the many adventures of Mickey and Minnie. Of course, these two have been just about everywhere.

AdventurerAdventurerAdventurerAdventurerThese absolutely cracked me up. Mickey and Minnie have been just about everywhere, haven’t they?

I would have loved if Disney had folded in some plaques with “details” of these trips. Get more out of my edutainment. But I certainly got a kick out of it anyway. In the end, I got to meet the famous duo myself and Minnie had quite a lot of sweet, squeaky things to say — communicate with me using her big, black eyes — about my African-inspired dress. It was so nice of her to notice. Even if they were NOT in their holiday garb yet. (Next time, next time…)

Estelle and Mickey and Minnie in Animal Kingdom Nov 2014

Adventurers Outpost was a nice break from a warm November afternoon. As always, it’s a joy to catch up with old friends. Be sure to stop in the next time you’re in Animal Kingdom!

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A Suite Stay at Art of Animation

Lately, my vacations have led me to many stays at Pop Century — which has become a surprising home away from home. But it’s always a treat when the opportunity pops up to try a new resort at Walt Disney World. So when planning a group trip for November meant a stay at the Art of Animation Finding Nemo family suites, I was pumped! Not only would I get to experience something new, but I was just a bridge walk away from hanging out in Pop Century if I wanted to. (Double the food options, double the spots to wander.)

My time at Pop Century was definitely a bonus in this instance because Art of Animation is basically set up the same. Different theme, different characters, and closed hallways compared to open but other than that… mirror images. (It was pretty uncanny because once I stepped inside Art for the first time, it felt like I had been there before.)

Art of Animation Exterior 1 November 2014

For those who aren’t aware, The Little Mermaid building is the only one that houses standard sized rooms. The Cars, Finding Nemo, and Lion King buildings are full of family suites which include two full-sized bathrooms, a queen size bed in a separate room, and a couch and table that both fold down to double-sized beds. For 6 people, like my group, and I mean, six normal sized grown up people, it was the perfect solution for a resort pick.

Plus, our view was pretty snazzy. (I’m a sucker for water at a resort. Makes it that much better.)

View of Art of Animation Finding Nemo Suite November 2014

For a value-priced resort, Art of Animation was spectacularly themed. Still in that bright, kids way like most of the other value resorts but there’s definitely an extra touch of creativity in the rooms. From the mirror to the shower curtain to even the light fixture. The room would make even the biggest naysayer in your party smile.

Art of Animation Finding Nemo Exterior Suite 1The only downfall — and once I’ve noticed at the All-Star Resorts too — is a noisy hallway. People waking up early to head to the airport or to be first in line at the parks. Even if they are being super quiet, there are still strollers and stomping and those kind of fun things. We didn’t sleep in much on this trip and frankly, I slept pretty terribly the entire time but I was woken up each morning due to the thin walls and all the foot traffic. Not exactly the most relaxing.

Okay, maybe there were two and again, this could have been because of Veteran’s Day weekend, Wine & Dine runners, or kissing Food & Wine goodbye but the bus situation was hectic. One morning, Jenn and I tried to leave for Hollywood Studios, saw a huge line, walked to Pop Century, found the same situation, ended up getting on a bus to Downtown Disney, which led us to two other places before we actually go to Hollywood Studios. We realized when we made it to the gate, we probably should have stood on the original line. But it was one of the worst I had ever seen. (Again, the lines in general during this weekend were not so great.) Sidenote: all the parks were relatively close by; Magic Kingdom was the longest ride.

Art of Animation The Drop Off November 2014

A cool pool bar always makes me a happy camper, and spectacularly named The Drop Off was no exception. I, surprisingly, had a great time at the All-Star Movies pool bar last year and, later in the spring, when I hung out at the Pop Century bar. These bartenders are always so nice, and there are always some adults hanging out. (It’s not all kids, I promise!) Taking a seat and sipping on drinks was our last group activity of our Wine & Dine trip… and I’m glad we took the time. (Although, my cool Kona and that weather made it even harder to think about waking in New York the next morning.)

Another bonus of staying on-property, even at the value resorts, is that there is still so much to look at. If you need a break or to clear your head (especially if you have a young child and want to roll them around for a bit in a place that isn’t a crowded theme park), there are so many nooks and crannies to explore. At Art of Animation, you can stop into all the different wings (I wish I had more time to do this) — each one looks exactly how you would imagine a movie set — or sit in the lobby and stare at all the drawings. (I do wish there was more seating here. I would have liked to come down here with a book at night.)

Art of Animation Lobby November 2014

My one regret? It was never warm enough for us to try the pool. I wanted to hear the underwater sounds. As fate would have it the warmest day of our trip was the last one and there was just zero time to fit it in.

Art of Animation Finding Nemo Pool November 2014

Oh well. It just means I’ll have to make my way back there someday.

Jenn @ Fairest Run of AllJanuary 20, 2015 - 11:21 am


JessiJanuary 20, 2015 - 12:41 pm

I loved it when I stayed there too. My regret was not going to the Cars pool. The little cone cabanas were adorable! Did you have any issue with the air? When we stayed the air conditioning was activated by movement. Smart when people aren’t in the room it won’t waste electricity, but at night it got SO HOT! Wondering if that was still an issue? Glad you had a great time!

KelseyJanuary 22, 2015 - 1:42 pm

I wanted to stay there on our upcoming trip, but it was totally booked! Bummed.

But I do not handle noisy hallways well. I used to wear earplugs, and those worked relatively well… except for stompers/runners and their beatz. However, now that I have a child, I feel like I need to be available at night and listen for her crying or puking or whatever… and I won’t wear them. Which would mean I’d be doomed.

Maybe when she’s 14. Only 13.5 years!

Happy Reads of the Weekend | January 18

I’m starting to have pre-vacation panics. Will I pack right for the weird weather? Will I remember everything? How tired am I going to be after the quick weekend away? Oh well. It will all be worth it. Even if I forget something. I’m so looking forward to hanging out with old friends I haven’t seen in way TOO long. It’s going to be fun to share with you!

In the meantime, I hope you had a fantastic week and it’s carrying on into your weekend (perhaps you have off tomorrow?!). I think you’ll enjoy these reads from around the web this week. I know I did:

Fun from this week:

Lastly, I watched some Disney Channel this week for the first time in forever and I’m obsessed with this music video. Disney Cruise Line, I miss you. (I also bought this song. Sue me.)


AshleyJanuary 18, 2015 - 2:52 pm

Wait, are you coming HERE to Disney World for vacation? If so, I’d love love love to meet you at some point. I’m sure you’re going to be jam packed with only a short weekend getaway, but I can ‘drive by’ simply to say hi and hug at any time. Let me know!

Fabulous Forty | Carousel of Progress

This week, yesterday to be exact, the good old Carousel of Progress turned the big 4-0. If this was a normal anniversary, I’d be buying the entire attraction rubies. But, well, because I’m low on cash and have a good heart… I’ll say some heartfelt words instead. I mean, I’ve already done that over and over again on This Happy Place Blog (a fav). It’s one of those attractions I grew to love with more and more trips, and probably because it was always the one request my dad made on a trip he was funding. (Thanks Dad!)

Carousel of Progress Magic Kingdom 2011

Even though I have a lot of realistic wishes for Carousel of Progress for its 40th year at Walt Disney World, I’ll let my friend The Disney Project give you a comprehensive rundown of what needs to be done. (He’s the official Protector of COP, didn’t you know?) The entire cast of this show deserves some kind of keepsake after being ignored in the recent years, don’t you think? Here are my thoughts:

  • John | Dad: Let’s keep it simple. Nothing says celebration like a cold sarsaparilla, but since he might be a little tired of those at the moment how about we get a little crazy and give the guy a whiskey.
  • Sarah | Mom: Sparkling apple cider and a day at the spa? As John says she “always gets to the core of the apple” and you know she is a woman in charge. A break from the parades and fuse issues would be night, right?
  • Patricia | Peggy | Sister: The girl NEEDS a new pair of ski boots. I cringe every time I see them. (Let’s not even talk about the slouch socks.) This can be an easy alteration. How about a classic ice skate? Those never go out of style.
  • James | Jim | Brother: My husband decided Jim needs a copy of Playboy, while I’m thinking he would probably love an iPhone. He can play music and games as much as he wants. (Hopefully, he’ll be able to beat his grandma at something.)
  • Uncle Orville: Do you think he has his own house now? Maybe stays in a hotel? Hard to say. Would be nice if he just cooked the whole Christmas dinner to thank the family for their hospitality. I want to make sure he has his own toothbrush.

♥  ♥  ♥

Even though this official 40th anniversary t-shirt is pretty snazzy, I’d be satisfied with a shirt that said: “You didn’t even have a car phone?!”

Happy Friday & Happy Fortieth, COP!

DADJanuary 16, 2015 - 9:57 am

Happy day to cop! Jean Shepard lives on!!!

MorganJanuary 16, 2015 - 2:57 pm

I think Sarah needs a Kitchen Aid mixer – one that isn’t used to stir paint!

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