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Stop Smoking, Beaker! | Muppet Monday

Yesterday we barely made it to 60 degrees in New York City, and this morning, it’s going to be less than 46 degrees.

Is it time to pull out the winter jacket?

Well… maybe not. But maybe it’s time to bring out the Nose Warmer. If only if it wasn’t one of Dr. Honeydew’s inventions.

Where the future is made today… and another example of Honeydew and Beaker never learning their lessons.



I had an idea for another Muppet movie when I was rewatching this. (Disney, call me!) What if all the Muppets switched roles and suddenly Beaker was the inventor and Honeydew was the trusty sidekick who got tricked into too many horrible experiments? It would be pretty wacky and hysterical to see that kind of swap, right? How about Janice as Miss Piggy? Rowlf as Foo-Foo? Kermit as Scooter? Gonzo as Sam the Eagle? OMG. That last one made me giggle.

Well, back to the nose warmer. I could use one of those but perhaps I’ll stick to doubling up on scarfs or covering my face with my fluffy gloves. That is, until Honeydew makes this one actually work (or Beaker secretly fixes it because we all know he’s a genius. Shhh!).

Hope you all stay warm this week! Happy Muppet Monday!

It’s Fall | Happy Reads & Recap

A little later than my normal posting scheduling, but I wanted to wave and say hi! Hope you all had a great weekend. James and I headed over to Flushing Meadows Park today for another fun New York Pavilion event and we finally got to go INSIDE the Pavilion. It was super cool, and I will have a post about it shortly. Sidenote: it was the first COLD day in New York today too. Guess fall is finally here, huh? Here are a few blogs to keep you warm tonight (ha ha):

What happened around here this week:

And I can’t forget this gem!

Have a GREAT week and thanks for stopping in!

Trip Prep: Run Run Rudolph (Not Really)

It’s that time again. More trip prep as the days get closer and closer.

As you can see I’m sticking with the holiday themed post names. So far I’ve introduced you to my trip, made a list of things I’d like to do, while Alex at Practically Imperfect shared the news of her double whammy parks + cruise vacation (my jealousy builds) and what’s new & what’s old this time around for a seasoned WDW traveler like herself.

Other than timing, another common detail of Alex’s and my trip is running. Sort of. While she is actually participating in the RunDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon and I’m not, my last two November trips were planned because of this run. People I adore were running in it, and I got to tag along without the pressure of a finish line.

One thing I didn’t talk about much post-trip last November was the Wine & Dine after party which Disney is kind enough to allow family and friends to attend. (There is a hefty price tag involved.) The after party tickets gets you into Epcot before the race is actually over (7 p.m.) and grants you entry around the park until 5 a.m. Now last year, Katherine and I logged in a whole day at the parks before we returned to the resort for her to get prepped for the half. We never thought we would stay for the whole after party, and, well, we did. Except we were more social butterflies than people who actively took part in the short attraction lines.

(Not that I’m complaining; I met a ton of great people last year. But because Epcot remained so utterly crowded during our entire stay, I wish I would have fit in one ride at least. Time management, Estelle!)

A few observations:

  • It was really awesome to watch people finishing up the race. (Even if it was really hard to walk through the traffic to get to the World Showcase. Maybe this will be streamlined better this year?)
  • If you think are you going to hear gorgeous background audio during your finish line party, I hate to disappoint you. It’s disconcerting to hear a DJ blasting pop music while you are hanging out in the World Showcase. Definitely a moment embedded in my brain.
  • It is very cool to feel like the park is only open for you. (When I say “you”, I mean the amazing people who ran a half marathon!)

All in all, I’m excited to see people’s race costumes, check out Food & Wine with a smaller crowd of folks, and hang out in my beloved Epcot until the wee hours of the morning.:)

Spaceship Earth at Night Wine & Dine Finish Line Party

→ If you ARE running the Wine&Dine Half, be sure to check out Alex’s latest on her first half marathon. She needs YOUR pep talk! ←

Jenn @ Fairest Run of AllOctober 16, 2014 - 10:42 am

Wait, we don’t get the usual World Showcase background loops? Laaaaame.

[…] Prep! I’m a non-runner going to Disney for Wine & Dine while Alex is planning her first race-cation. (Cheer her […]

A Glimpse Into Main Street Windows & a New Book

Happy Tuesday and happy release day to Jeff Heimbuch and his new book — Main Street Windows: A Complete Guide to Disney’s Whimsical Tributes! Hooray! You might remember Jeff and I chatted in January about his partnership with former Imagineer Rolly Crump, which brought you It’s Kind of a Cute Story and the audiobook counterparts. Well, he sure didn’t make us wait to long for more Disney history.

Here’s a sneak peek from Jeff himself: There are literally hundreds of names on almost 400 Windows at every Magic Kingdom-style Park around the world. These people helped make the theme parks we know and love a reality, and I really think others should know who they are and what they have done to make all of our dreams come true. This is my own way of honoring them, and bringing their names into the spotlight a little more.

Main Street Windows:

I’m so psyched to have him back on the blog discussing this project and answering some hard-hitting questions about the lovely windows of Main Street.

Why did you make this your next book project after It’s Kind of a Cute Story?

I have always loved looking up at the Windows while walking down Main Street. As a kid, I wondered if they had some sort of significance and it wasn’t until I was older that I realized what they meant, and what a huge honor it was to receive one.

On Communicore Weekly, we do a segment every so often called Window of the Week, where we showcase one of the Windows. When I was researching these segments, I realized that a complete list of the Windows from stateside and international parks had never been made (there was as 2009 book called Windows on Main Street but it only included a handful of Disneyland and WDW Windows). I was looking for another project after It’s Kind Of A Cute Story, and since *I* was curious who all these Windows honored, I was sure other people were as well, so I decided to find out. And thus, the book took form over a year and a half.

Main Street Windows: Rolly Crump Page by Jeff Heimbuch

Most memorable discovery while writing the book: It was actually a bit of information I learned about 6 years ago, before the book was even a thought in my mind. I was touring the Magic Kingdom with a former Show Quality Monitor, and he pointed out that one of the Windows, which formerly had 6 names, now only had 5. The 6th name was there for years, until it was discovered that a painter in the sign shop, while touching up the Window, didn’t like how unbalanced the 5 names looked, so he added his own to even it out! It was there for almost 10 years before the discovery was made, and I always thought that was kind of hilarious.

The window you most want to visit and why: I’ve seen practically all of the Windows at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at this point. But if I could, I would visit the Window tributes to American icons at Disneyland Paris like Nellie Bly, M. Brady, and Norworth & Von Tilzer. Though they were not Disney Cast Members, it’s interesting to see how these icons lend some American culture to Disneyland Paris. 

Funniest window: By far, Dick Nunis’ at Disneyland with the subtitle: “Wave Machines A Specialty.” I just love the story of how Nunis wanted wave machines installed at Walt Disney World Resort so surfing could be a thing on the Seven Seas Lagoon…mostly so he could surf it himself. It cracks me up, and I loved how they included it as part of his Window. 

Most spot-on window: Without a doubt, Walt Disney’s. Located above the train station at the Magic Kingdom. His role of “Chief Engineer” and “Keeping Dreams on Track” suit him perfectly. Even though he never saw Walt Disney World completed, his vision and dedication was what made it a reality. 

I challenge you to write your own window: My own Window would probably be something sarcastic and funny, because for those who know me, know that’s my personality! Maybe something like “One Little Snark Incorporated” as the company and “Keeper of the Laughs” for my title. I’ll even accept “Communicore Commander” as well!

Congrats to Jeff + yippee for all of us who get to add a new Disney reference book to our collection!

MAIN STREET WINDOWS can be purchased as a hardcover, paperback, or eBook officially today — October 14, 2014.

Add MAIN STREET WINDOWS to Goodreads | Buy on Amazon | Buy on B&N | Orchard Hill Press

Don’t forget to follow Jeff on Twitter + listen to Communicore Weekly!

Jeff Heimbuch as Gaston

Sure, Jeff. I think you deserve a bit of a break. Three minutes until your next project!

Meet My Muppet Family | Muppet Monday

We were out this weekend with some lovely friends who interrupted my story at one point to say: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I just can’t picture your dad without thinking of Beaker.”

This made us all chuckle a bit; this wasn’t the first time we’ve said this about my dad. And honestly? I have no idea why. He isn’t the unfortunate sidekick to crazy scientific experiments, he says more than “meep! meep!” (although not much more), and he does not have red hair. But none of that stopped my sister from making this collage.

Dad as Beaker for Muppet Monday

Okay, so he does kind of look like him. Personality wise?? Statler or Waldorf without as many great jokes??? Oh man, this post will prove to me that my family is reading this serious journalism I’m letting loose on the internet. Now I’m going to talk about which Muppets are like my mom and my sister. Get excited, friends. GET EXCITED.

My mother is very talkative, super personable, and the hardest worker in the world. We all know there aren’t many female Muppets (let’s fix this) so I think my mom is a combination of Scooter, who does a great job behind the scenes of The Muppet Show, and also Beauregard, who is the Muppet janitor… he’s a pretty dependable guy (who can clean a theater or drive an entire train). Truth be told, my mom is more successful at tasks compared to Beauregard. On the other hand, you always want to hug Beauregard and I like hugging my mom. (Only partly because she smells like the Norway pavilion.)

So what about my sister? She’s younger, artistic, and much more of a free spirit than I am. This wasn’t so hard. Laurie is definitely a Janice. It is not about my sister’s singing skills (I’m pretty positive neither of us have that) but, like Janice, my sister has great hair and a very peace & love personality. Plus she used to play a mean flute so… she’s totally musical!Do

I am now picturing the Muppets new feature film: a road trip with Beaker, Scooter/Beauregard, and Janice with Kermit (duh, that’s me) at the realm. Would it be a disaster? A laugh? Better than The Muppets? Whatever the case, it has zany family fun all over it. For sure! (I hope Beaker is ready to wear some plaid.)

Sidenote: could this movie include a cover? Maybe not Queen but how about The Beatles? Okay! Done.

MomOctober 13, 2014 - 9:12 am

Honestly, I just pee-ed (is that a real word) my pants! LOL!

DADOctober 13, 2014 - 10:09 am

I find it an honor to be a Beaker. We nerds stick together thru thick and thin. Anyway a great blog as usual. How bout James?

Weekly Round Up: October 14October 14, 2014 - 5:00 am

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